Personal Care


Chemi-phobia (chemo phobia) atmosphere in our society is prevalent. Therefore, our company’s personal care product can neutralize three major foodborne viruses (Noro, hepatitis A, rotavirus) simultaneously by using Jackbean extract derived from natural plant.

Currently, there are many antibacterial agents in the human hand sanitizer market, and several products for viral foodborne diseases are available.
However, our products are the only products that directly target human infectious Norovirus. The reason for this is that we have the technology to verify the neutralization efficacy of the human infection type Norovirus.

With industry-leading foodborne virus detection and control technologies, Bio3S Inc.  has unique solutions to minimize your risk of Norovirus infection. Bio3S Inc. provides total food hygiene solutions for facilities such as cruise ships, casinos, hotels, etc. through hand hygiene products registered as Noro-X hand sanitizer in the FDA.

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Human Clinical Test Results

·97.3% cleaning effectivity on basis of residual HuNoV
·Water and alcohol- based disinfectants show less than 15% effectivity
·148% improvement of HuNoV cleaning ability compared to similar foam-type disinfectants
·Anti-bacterial cleaning power 99.9% comparable to other similar products