Drug Development Pipeline

1) Using bio-conversion technology, BIO3S has developed mannuronate oligomers (BTS150 and BTS250).

1-1) BTS150 is a cancer metabolism drug. Unlike conventional drugs, BTS150 inhibits the development of cancer cells by selecting specific metabolic enzyme targets for therapeutic intervention. BTS150 is expected to have synergistic effect with other immunotherapy with different MoA, and has minimal toxicities (which are major problems commonly found in conventional therapies).

1-2) BTS250 is a new drug candidate for Sarcopenia with potential muscle generating effects. It showed increase in muscle mass and strength in aged mice models (22months in mice = 80years in human).

2) Using virus-control technology, BIO3S is developing BTS477, an oral synthetic therapeutic lectin for neutralizing HuNoV(human noro virus).

Presently, BIO3S is looking for a clinical investigation partners and investors in order to conduct clinical phase 1 and 2 of our assets (BTS150, BTS250 and BTS477).