KBSI, Receipt of Official Letter of Appreciation from PyeongChang Olympic Organizing Committee… Contributed to Preventing the Spread of Norovirus


The Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI)
announced that it received a letter of appreciation from the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games to contribute to the prevention of the spread of norovirus during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.

Right before the opening of the
PyeongChang Olympic Games, KBSI consulted with the National Research Council of Science & Technology in response to the news of the spread of Norovirus. They quickly organized the distribution of hand sanitizers (NORO-XTM) from BIO3S Co., Ltd. to the organizing committee several times during the Olympics.

TM hand sanitizer is the first product developed by BIO3S Co., Ltd. (Duwoon Kim, CEO). This Innopolis Research Institute Spin-off Company established by KBSI and Chonnam National University signed a contract to establish an incorporation in College Station, Texas via Research Valley Partnership and intends to expand product distribution to prevent human-infectious norovirus outbreaks in the community.

This product has been registered as disinfectant by the US FDA (Registration No. 3013687853). Its hand sanitizing efficacy against human-infectious norovirus is 97.3%.

KBSI President Kwang-
sik Lee stated, "We are delighted that the Innopolis Research Institute Spin-off Company's products have gathered strength in order to ensure the safe execution of international events, paving the way for national institutions. In the future, KBSI will continue to focus on the development of analytical technologies to improve the lives of citizens, such as those related to the living environment and disaster safety, and will faithfully carry out its role as a leader in analytical science advocating for the promotion of health and happiness of the people.”

By Young Joon Kim (kyj85@etnews.com), etnews