CEO Welcome Message

Duwoon Kim, CEO

Duwoon Kim, CEO


Bio3S has a mission to overcome the crisis through scientific methods and wisdom learned from nature and has a mission to fulfill the spirit of sharing with our neighbors. It is established under the vision of providing a better life through bio-conversion technology.       

Is anyone free from stress?

Humans have endeavored to overcome biological stresses such as cancer, aging, and viral diseases. Bio3S is a biotech research-oriented start-up company that started to commercialize the solution value against cancer, aging, and viral diseases after 10 years of joint research by two researchers majoring in microbiology and chemistry.

Bio3S is a company that has the following technologies: 1) Cancer metabolism Drug candidate synthesized by microorganisms 2) Sarcopenia drug candidate 3) antiviral drug candidates. We want to grow with all the companies that want to support the sustainable growth of these key technologies and can maximize the values.